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Ron Kennedy wins in Boulder : Superior Morgul Crit Race Report

Race Report: Superior Morgul Crit Race Report

Location: Superior, CO (very close to Flatirons Mall)

Course: A 0.85 mile “L” shaped course with an uphill finish and about 50’ of elevation gain per lap.  The 45+ Cat 4’s ride for 45 minutes.

Temp: Comfortable, (50F at start)

Clothing: Team kit including Pearl Izumi knee warmers, arm warmers (rolled down after a few laps).

Bike: Specialized S-Works Tarmac

Once again I tested to correlation of sleep quality to race performance and came out on top.  The 45+ Cat_4’s were scheduled for a 7:55 am start time.  My plan was to leave the Fort at 6 am, arrive by 7 am and have 30 minutes or so after registering to warm up.  The drive went as planned, the volunteers were great and registration went smoothly but I still managed to chew up any spare time I had pinning numbers, finding clothing etc. and ended up with about 15 minutes to warm-up.

The races were running a little behind schedule so we didn’t start until about 8:05 am.  Immediately the announcer announced that the 2nd lap would be a prem.  There went any hope of an easy start to the race to continue my warm-up.  It was an unrealistic expectation anyway.  My plan was to conserve as much as possible for Sunday’s Road Race so I tried to not get too caught up in the prem’s.  That said I did go after one (I think it was the second) and got the prem but after that decided I’d stick to my original plan.

There were a lot of prem’s (6) which kept things interesting.  For the 45+_4’s all prem’s were merchandise.  The sprints were pretty safe as the straight-away up to the start/finish line was wide leaving plenty of room to carry speed through the downhill corner before hitting the straight-away.

I don’t know if others were riding conservatively to save themselves for the road race tomorrow or if we just had a much better behaved group of riders but everyone seemed to hold their lines well through the corners and the race went without incident for 19 laps.  Then on the final lap the guy in front of me clipped a pedal in a corner and pitched his bike sideways.  Somehow he managed to keep it upright and I managed to avoid him (he by far had the tougher job).  We dropped down into the final corner for the sprint to the line.  It’s probably 1000’ from the final corner to the finish.  I had good line into the corner and decided I wasn’t going to wait for someone else to jump.  I went hard and got a gap on the group.  Now all I had to do was hold on to the line.  800 feet on a grade that continues to increase turned out to be a long way.  It looked a lot shorter when I first sprinted out of the corner.  Anyway, I was able to hang on and take 1st.

Team Meeting 11/04/10

The highly-anticipated Team meeting to round up 2010 and set groundwork for 2011 was attended by an energetic cadre of returning and prospective members as well as shop colleagues and other team sponsors.

The group gathers to meet and greet

Convening at Cafe Vino, one of the team’s sponsors, the attendees quickly caught up with other as well as met and greeted prospective members.

Ben Duke, Team Rider, says hello to friends old and new

A round of self-introductions was made by each of those in attendance.

Individuals introduce themselves briefly

Sam Acheson, Team Manager, then turned the floor to Mike Geoffrion, Peloton Cycles Shop Liaison, who outlined sponsorship objectives for the coming year.

Mike Geoffrion (L) and Sam Acheson (R) recap the team's year and provide a glimpse into 2011

Mike also provided an overview of the new team structure being implemented in 2011 whereby the squad will be distinguished between the Elite Team, which is dedicated toward riders representing the team in at least 8 sanctioned races per year along with various other team and shop activities, and the Riding Club, which emphasizes social and community-oriented participation.  Each group has its own kit, and is endowed with respective sponsorship and support provisions, with the common goal of providing greater visibility for the Team and its sponsors.

The 2011 Elite Team Jersey

On hand to unveil the 2011 team kits was Beth Leibo of Pearl Izumi.  Based in Boulder, Beth was kind to spend part of her Thursday evening with the team, explaining the technical functionality and affordances of the Pearl Izumi Elite and PRO lines that comprise the Peloton-Specialized team kit that is currently in production.

The Elite Team kit features coldblack® technology which, although black in color, actually radiates heat better and keeps wearers more comfortable than fabrics of lighter color.  coldblack® functions by reflecting solar radiant energy, minimizing thermal retention in the fabric, and providing 30+ SPF against UV rays.

The team is proud to be equipped with the supreme quality of Pearl Izumi product featuring coldblack® technology, and is elated to fly the new kits at upcoming races and civic events!

Beth Leibo of Pearl Izumi relating features and benefits of the 2011 kit fabrication

Beth explaining coldblack technology

KC McCuiston of New Belgium Brewing was also present with his colleague, Lora Heckman, who is also a Team Peloton-Specialized rider.  KC, Lora, and New Belgium have been instrumental to the vitality and vibrance of the Fort Collins cycling scene of which Peloton-Specialized is an integral element, and their continued support is greatly appreciated.  Feature refreshments of the evening and Ranger IPA pint glasses for the meeting attendees were graciously provided by New Belgium.

(L-R) Robin Torres, KC McCuiston, Lora Heckman, Bruce Runnels, Kurt Ireland

Following the meeting portion of the gathering which was held in the downstairs meeting rooms at 1200 South College Ave, the team reconvened in the pub area of Cafe Vino to while away the rest of the evening.

What's a party without swag?

Dana Hood (front), Peloton Cycles' Service Manager, putting on the smug with Stewart Pomeroy. Don't let him fool you... this guy's actually a genius.

What did you just do, Kurt...?

Ric Slayden (L) and Eric Liprandi are POMPED!

Stewart Culp making great strides recovering after a serious accident

Mike Hegdal (center) catching up with Cafe Vino proprietor Rich Taranow (L) and friends

USGP New Belgium Cyclocross Cup (11/13-14/10)

Now less than 2 weeks away, the imminence of the US Gran Prix of Cyclocross-New Belgium Cup is quickly achieving critical mass in the Fort Collins, Front Range, and national cyclocross community at large!

Feted for November 13-14, with events happening all throughout Fort Collins beginning on the 12th, the weekend promises to raise our hometown and region to an even higher level of acclaim among the global commonwealth of cycling.

Team Peloton-Specialized is a proud sponsor of this eminent venue with participation of its members who are providing support by way of volunteer effort as well as direct financial contribution.

In particular, the Team has contributed at least $300 toward the construction of a unique flyover to be featured on the course, such as the one seen in the video below.

The “Orange Crush” from Hans Nyberg on Vimeo.

For further details of this exciting and noteworthy event, please see the websites hosted by the USGP and Your Group Ride.

The Hilton Fort Collins is the official lodging provider, which is home to Peloton-Specialized’s sponsor, Paul Chet Salon, and is but a few short blocks from Café Vino, another one of the Team’s fine sponsors.

Welcome to Fort Collins!

2011 Team Kit

Team Peloton-Specialized is proud to present its 2011 Team kit design!

Many thanks to Pearl Izumi Custom for their assistance in developing and producing our kits, which will be represented in both the P.R.O. and Elite level specifications.

P.R.O. garments will be available in March ’11 while Elite will be available in December ’10.

Keep your eyes out for details on the new Peloton Cycles Riding Club, whose jersey is presented below.

VeloNews Review of Specialized ’10 CruX Comp

The 2010 Specialized Crux Comp borrows the proven geometry of the road-shredding Tarmac

Caley Fretz, a Fort Collins-based writer at VeloNews, and friend of Team title sponsor Peloton Cycles, pens a review of the Specialized CruX Comp in his three-part series Cyclocross Buyer’s Guide.

The CruX Comp, as a “budget” option with an $1850 price tag, was selected among a comprehensive range of test bikes that exemplify the “idea of high performance-per-dollar rides, not a collection of the dirt cheap. Each packs a lot of punch for the price…”

The CruX Comp is available at Peloton Cycles.

More from Specialized:

  • Oversized bottom bracket with FSA Gossamer cranks help get every ounce of effort to the ground, and SRAM Apex 10-speed drivetrain keeps shifting smooth under adverse conditions.
  • Cross racing-specific E5 alloy frame with integrated headset is ultra tough and quick, with shaped top tube for easy shouldering
  • FACT carbon fork with tapered steerer provides best balance of strength, stiffness, and compliance for rough terrain
  • Bulletproof Pavé wheelset powers through dirt with its sturdy alloy rims and high-flange hubs
  • Specialized Comp CX short-drop aluminum handlebars promise better maneuverability and confidence on the cross course
  • New SRAM Apex 10-speed shifters employ “double tap” technology for simple, intuitive shifting and reach adjustment for perfect fit

Laramie Enduro: Frielingsdorf, Fu

Bill Frielingsdorf and Jim Fu rode to their best respective times at the 2010 Laramie Enduro on July 31.

Bill’s 4th ride of the Enduro yielded an utterly impressive time of 5:49:12, earning him a 19th place finish in the Men’s Open/Pro 30-39 category.

Bill Frielingsdorf exemplifying winning form proving himself on the final test, Headquarters Climb, of the 2010 Laramie Enduro. Bill went on to PR in his 4th campaign of the event.

Jim rode to finish with a time of 6:41:29 on his 2nd ride of the race, which counted for 16th place in the Men’s Sport 30-39 category.

On his time, Jim says, “Not bad, but not good.  I was aiming for closer to 6:00, but I felt most rewarded by more and more coming together for me in terms of race experience with pacing, hydration, and technical handling.  Leaves a lot on the table, and serves as a good datapoint.”

Last year on his first ride of the race, Jim crashed 7 miles into the course on a downhill section that is notorious for claiming riders, but pressed on “with absolutely no choice but to finish the race” in spite of a dislocated shoulder and a snapped off front brake lever body.  “Besides the build in skills that a year brings and the expert guidance of my coach Yuki Saito, a new cockpit setup that consists of Ritchey Logic’s SuperLogic Carbon Rizer handlebars and WCS 4-Axis 73D stem run inverted has helped me tremendously with front-end handling and overall stability.  Also, Ergon GX2 grips (thanks, Sonya!) added comfort and confidence, helping to boost endurance. It’s amazing how minute tweaks can make such a big difference.”

“Once again, the volunteers especially at the aid stations were as spectacular as the race itself; you almost want to do better just for the sake of reciprocating how hard they work and how wonderfully cheerful and supportive they are!,” adds Jim.

Video below by Jess Watts:

Bill generously provides the following coverage of his experience with the race which has become an institution of on-the-dirt cycling without compromising its grassroots character amid the recent popularity explosion in MTB racing:

“I first rode the Laramie Enduro in 2007. I had a great time. The course is a unique, and kind of crazy mix of dirt roads, jeep roads, two-track, swoopy singletrack, technical singletrack, and lumpy livestock trails. Wind is often a factor in some of the more exposed parts of the race and riders encounter everything from dusty dry conditions to sloppy energy sapping mud. At times you are riding as fast as you can on challenging trail with a barbed wire fence racing by only inches away. This year the water crossings were emasculated. The forest service had built temporary bridges over creeks and bogs that are sometimes waist deep. While many consider this an improvement, especially given the high cattle feces content of the bogs, I think that a small part of the character of the event was lost.”

The Laramie Enduro course spans nearly 70 miles traversing breathtakingly gorgeous wooded singletrack, rutted rock gullies, jeep roads, sand washes, cattle runs, and even putrid marsh

Bill continues, “The scenery in the Vedauwoo area is really amazing, but most racers are too cross-eyed with fatigue to appreciate the massive rock formations that define the landscape. What is probably the most beautiful part of the race is ironically little appreciated by tired racers. It comes at roughly the 50 mile mark, when you enter a lush canyon. In addition to the stunning rock formations there are beautiful aspens and evergreens, but exhausted racers are forced off their bikes by a succession of huge rocks, slimy mud, and impossibly steep climbs. Once through this section racers arrive at the final aid station. All of the aid stations are manned by enthusiastic volunteers, and are supplied with a full array of Hammer Nutrition products and other food and drink.”

“Hammer Nutrition has become my food of choice on race day. I used Perpetuem, Hammer Gel, and Heed to see me through six hard hours on the bike.”

Hammer Nutrition is an event sponsor of the Laramie Enduro and provided team riders Bill Frielingsdorf and Jim Fu fuel and hydration support to sustain their races. Hammer products are available at Peloton Cycles.

“After the final aid station racers face the Headquarters Trail. This is also feared, but I look forward to it because I know it is the last hard climb and I can smell the barn! Or rather, I am looking forward to the excellent feed and post-race party put on by event organizer Rich Vincent and the local sponsors. I had so much “fun” the first time I did the race, I have done it every year since. I consider it the unofficial endurance mountain bike championship of our region. The race has become more popular each year. This year it sold out in less than ten minutes. I would like to thank event sponsor James Bleakley of Black Sheep Bikes for getting me into my favorite race of the year.”

For additional coverage and photography, see MountainFlyer.

Paul Chet

Paul Chet, proprietor of Paul Chet Studio for Hair and one of Team Peloton-Specialized’s esteemed sponsors, flew the team colors during a recent group ride hosted by the b’fit Sports and Social Club.

After the ride the b’fit SSC stopped at El Monte Grill & Lounge for some refreshment and cheer.

Paul has been an artisan of hairdressing for over two decades, with training under the tutelage of internationally-renowned mentors in Colorado and abroad including London.

In addition to operating his flagship salon located at the Hilton Fort Collins, Paul also freelances his craft in the burgeoning film and entertainment industry in Nashville, Tennessee.